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The beaches of Coat Clévarec, Kerambigorn, Cleut Rouz, Kerneux or Grand Large

The most beautiful beaches in the Pays fouesnantais

The beaches of Coat Clévarec, Kerambigorn, Cleut Rouz, Kerneux and Grand Large, all close to our 3-star Le Vorlen campsite, embody the natural beauty and coastal diversity of the Fouesnantais region. Each of these beaches has its own unique charm, offering visitors a variety of unforgettable seaside experiences.

Whether you’re looking for unspoilt, wild beaches like Coat Clévarec, or vast stretches of sand for relaxing days on the Grand Large, the Breton coastline offers a mosaic of coastal landscapes to explore.

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The beach of your dreams

Among the beaches, Coat Clévarec stands out for its wild, unspoilt character, bordered by sand dunes and wooded areas. It’s an ideal place for lovers of nature and tranquillity. Kerambigorn Cleut Rouz and Kerneux are family beaches perfect for days of swimming, picnicking and relaxing in the sun.

Le Grand Large, meanwhile, offers an open space ideal for beach sports such as beach volleyball and kite flying. The surrounding rocky coves invite underwater exploration. These beaches offer a variety of landscapes to suit all tastes.

Water sports activities

The activities on these beaches are as varied as the beaches themselves. Enjoy days of swimming, family picnics, walks on the golden sands, or water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding. The rocky covesare perfect forunderwater exploration and snorkeling.

The beaches of Kerambigorn, Cleut Rouz and Kerneux offer shallow waters ideal for children. For a more dynamic day, the Grand Large is ideal for beach sports and seaside activities. When you stay at a campsite near the beaches, you’ll have the chance to enjoy days full of discovery and leisure activities on the magnificent beaches of the Brittany coast.